Biography from Kerdy van Vuuren


Kerdy van Vuuren, born in 1954 in Delft, specialises in techniques from the 17th century. She paints portraits most and sometimes magical realism. She studied Rembrandts work and life for three years. She usually works in commission for privates and companies and paints collections of Rembrandt-replica's and famous Dutchmanwomen. Newspapers often write articles about her work which you can see in the 'Media' section of this site. Remember that these articles are all in Dutch.


Kerdy likes to observe the person for a while to examine the expressions on the face. This is not required if there are some good photos available of the person that needs to be painted and creates the possibility to paint a desceased person. After meeting each other and discussed the details about the portrait it takes about three weeks -depending on the commissions at that moment- to finish the portrait. If there is only a black and white photo of the person that needs to be painted then Kerdy can still make a portrait in full color if she gets detailed colours of eyes, hair etc.

Other work and different styles:

Kerdy van Vuuren can also paint people or animals in the style of the old Dutch masters: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, etc. The painted person still is recognisable for 100 % in the fantastic clothing of the 17th century. Just a simple blouse or colbert is also possible.
Kerdy also copies famous paintings on request. She portraits children as you wish: In a fairytail environment, with an animal or pure realistic with a bachgroundcolour or backgroundshapes whitch you can choose.
Kerdy takes the time she needs to discuss what your ideas and needs are.


Kerdy can also paint your dog, cat or whatever animal you like andor have. It's stunning to see the recognition when it's finished.

Information and commissions:
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telephone: +31 6 26082864
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